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Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Just to let you know…we have changed our web host but unfortunately, there have been a few technical problems. Although we now have functioning email accounts again, there is still some problem contacting us via the contact form on the site and there is a problem in restoring our blog page. However, everything else is working properly!

I am taking a break from the newsletter until these issues have been resolved but if you have any questions, you can still email me directly at nina[at]howtostudyexams[dot]com.  (Please put the @ and . instead of the [ ] brackets, to prevent the bots picking up this email address.) 


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Binaural Natural Technology Part 4 HTSE9

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Thanks for the emails of support I have received about the family crisis. Also, just to let you know, the computer gremlins have been back – with a vengeance. First of all, it took three full days to do a virus check and then when I checked for my backup hard drive where I kept my binaural audios plus all my other files, the folder says it’s empty!!! I still have not managed to recover or repair this backup drive, which I had used to transfer my many audios and some of my software programs to free space on my computer.

If anyone has some suggestions how this has happened or how to repair the backup drive, please leave a comment on the blog or email me.

So I cannot give you the binaural audio sample I was planning to give you until the problem is hopefully solved. To make up for this, I have delayed the price increase for my book “How To Pass Exams In 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System” with bonuses until the end of September. Below is the last part of the extract from the book.

Binaural Natural Technology Part 4 HTSE9

The only disadvantage of the binaural CDs is that I have noticed sporadically it does not work as effectively. But I have come up with some simple tips to solve this. One of these is to have a rotation of the different programs, or just try again the next day and you will find it works very well again.

So use binaural CDs from when you want to multi-task and achieve more to when you need instant states like sleep. It is quicker than learning self-hypnosis, although a qualified hypnotherapist can send you into those states quickly and easily and show you how to access these states quickly for yourself. The technology is now also used in the educational and personal improvement arenas. Different independent studies have shown, with regards to children or college students, improvements in reading, IQ and/or GPA score.

Enjoy your gift sample of the binaural audio hopefully in the next email.

My next gift to my subscribers will be the guide “The 100 Most Powerful Instant Energy Boosters” as part of a newsletter series.

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Binaural Natural Technology Part 3 HTSE8

Monday, October 6th, 2008

The beauty is that you can train yourself to listen to some relevant binaural CDs whilst you are still working, rather than taking time out like you have to do for some self-hypnotic states. For instance, I listen to my stress relief CD whilst I am busy multi-tasking and meeting deadlines, although it is recommended sometimes to listen with your eyes closed and you have no other distractions going on. In addition, do not listen to binaural or hypnotic CDs whilst you are driving or operating machinery.

Bear in mind, there is a lasting effect after you have used a particular wave, so most CDs are created to finish with a normal beta wave. Also, new neuron connections are said to be created in the brain and your two brain hemispheres work more holistically. This may therefore help with self-sabotage programming and negative beliefs in your Unconscious Mind, especially when using binaural CDs with
positive hypnotic suggestions on it.

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist, I can tell you that you can sometimes achieve the different brainwaves more quickly and easily with the technology than through self-hypnosis or years of meditation practice. Binaural technology/brain entrainment has been around and tested for many decades in clinical and hospital settings with significant results. Just like hypnosis, there are no side effects, except the positive, desired ones. Thus, the technology can be used with hypnotic suggestions recorded on them, or you can mentally tell yourself positive suggestions or affirmations as you are listening to some of the programs.

Extract from “How To Pass Exams In 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System” book.

P.S. Unfortunately, we will have to increase our price. The introductory price will be over by 31 August 2008. So order now whilst you remember and the longer you will have to improve your new skills.
You will still have your 14-day trial and so experience the full binaural bonuses now for yourself and also benefit from the introductory saving!

Binaural Natural Audios Part Two HTSE7

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Remember if you miss any part of this series on binaural audios, then go to and you can also leave your message to any blog entry by clicking on its blog title. I would also love to read your blog comment if you have had experience of using binaural audios. You can also leave your question on any of the topics as your blog reply.

Just make sure you are using a qualified hypnotherapist’s binaural CD/audio, if they produce it. The majority of hypnotherapists will not know about this technique, as they may have not been at the right place at the right time to learn the knowledge, or to have an opportunity or reason to try it themselves.

Indeed, I only discovered the technology when I was chronically ill about three years ago. I went from having high energy/stamina and the high brain functioning needed to deal with the demands of running a business magazine (plus two young children) to chronic fatigue, oversleeping and weight gain even though I was barely eating. Eventually this condition affected my brain’s functioning such that it would take me all day to fill in a simple form, if I had the energy to do so. I became inarticulate, my memory deteriorated and sometimes I had to check the meaning or pronunciation of relatively common words. It was as if my brain had been taken away or it was shutting down on me.

Needless to say, I could not do my self-hypnotic trances anymore. I credit the technology with helping me to regain my brain’s functioning which then enabled me to do my trances again. It took over a year to regain most of my brain functioning and I think I am probably now around 98% of my peak mental performance. In terms of my energy, I can once again work through the night without any sleep if I need to (but do remember, I am reading and writing rather than intensely revising and memorizing.)

I use my own produced binaural CDs for an energy boost, for euphoria, stress relief, creativity or even for instant sleep. I have different ones that can also be used for learning, concentration and focus amongst other states. (I still also use my hypnotic trances for complicated problem solving, personal insights amongst other things.)

Extract from “How To Pass Exams In 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System” book.

P.S. If you can’t wait for the series to end before you try your binaural audios, then order now whilst the book is at its introductory price and includes all the binaural audios.

About Binaural Natural Technology Pt. 1 HTSE6

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Due to a family crisis, I apologize for the newsletter being late. So I have decided to provide you with an extract from my book, so you can see for yourself whether you are learning valuable information. Also, this series will be provided twice a week so you can have the information quicker.
However, for those of you who can’t wait and would like the full information now and to access all the bonuses including binaural audios, then you can order at
About Binaural Natural Technology Part 1 HTSE6

The following four-part series of the newsletter is extracted from “How To Pass Exams in 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System” book. It will explain about the binaural audio natural technology. The final part will have the gift sample of a binaural audio for my subscribers to try.

Without becoming too technical, a binaural CD/audio trains your brain through sound to match the sound frequencies you think you are hearing. The brain is usually in Beta wave in your waking state and sometimes goes into a slower Alpha state when you listen to certain music or you are daydreaming or doing some other such activities, like being in natural hypnotic trance states.
The brain goes into a deeper, slower Theta state usually as you are drifting off to sleep and as you are arousing from your sleep. Theta state is associated with dreaming and psychic states.
Your brain will also go into a deeper, slower Delta state when you are deeply asleep and “dead to the world” and to most, if not all, noises. An alarm or emergency may wake you up, especially if you have trained your brain through hypnosis to do so quickly and appropriately. Some people have trained their brains to wake up at a certain time even without an alarm.

Other people who have not trained their brain, still sleep through their alarm clocks, which is obviously disastrous if you have an exam that day or you need to go into work for an important meeting! So sometimes, hypnotic suggestions are used with binaural CDs, as the suggestions may work better for some people than using hypnosis alone.

All the best,

One Secret To Being More Successful HTSE5

Monday, October 6th, 2008

According to statistics from the U.S. Dept of Labor and from a survey by Yahoo, people who read at least seven business books a year earn over 230% more than those reading only one book a year.
Even if you don’t see yourself as a “business person”, what are you allowing into your mind? Are the books, magazines and newspapers you are reading adding to your life or making you feel worse? Are the books improving your knowledge and your life, or are they for escapism?

But what happens if you hate reading or you are a slow reader? Can anything be done so that you can benefit from this one secret to being more successful?

I used to hate reading and I had a reading age well below my nine years age at the time. When I finally learned how to read, I was a slow reader… and reading was still boring for me. It was not until my final year at university that I actually started to enjoy reading for fun and I could read substantially faster. This was due to the techniques and knowledge I learned about the brain during my Psychology degree. In fact, I was able to come near the top of my graduation year with only three weeks revision! Then my hypnotherapy and NLP courses taught me how powerful the Unconscious Mind is.

There are some reading courses out there that claim that you can read at a speed of …wait for it…
10,000 to 25,000 words a minute. To put this into perspective, most college professors read at about 600 to 800 words a minute. But what use is reading at 10,000 words a minute if you don’t understand most of it, let alone remember it?

Also, reading and understanding a textbook is substantially different than reading a novel. Many speed-reading courses test your speed while reading stories. Surely the real test is to have you read your textbooks or other non-fiction books at speed with great comprehension and recall.
I don’t know about you; but I prefer to have certainty in life and in exams. I want to be so prepared in my exams that I know with certainty that I am recalling the right facts. Do you really want to enter an exam with the vague hope that somehow you will remember what you read at tremendous speed, when you can’t even comprehend what you read consciously? It is a known fact that if you understand something, you will remember it better.

The Smart Learning System ™ was developed to help you read at double, triple or even quadruple your reading speed while at the same time increasing your comprehension. In addition, since you will be using both sides of your brain, you will find that even reading textbooks will be more fun than using your usual reading techniques. As an added bonus, your memory retention and recall of the material will be higher! No ifs, no buts – whatever the book you are reading.

To discover for yourself how you can benefit from the system, take your 14-days trial now. Why am I so confident in offering this? Well, I know that when you are happy with your results, you will be happy to recommend the book to others.

I promise you will not be disappointed and you will wish you had the information earlier in your life. Rather than be a person who has regrets and lives with regrets, take advantage of our trial whilst it is still at our introductory price.

We are so sure that you will be happier with your reading speed, with your comprehension ability and your memory recall, that you will also find your motivation level increases. Plus, you will no longer procrastinate over reading any “difficult, boring or lengthy” textbooks and/or “incomprehensible” business books. Be it Shakespeare or the original edition of “Think and Grow Rich” or more modern texts – all will be easier and quicker to read.

In this way, you will have more time to read those seven business or personal development books in a year! But no matter how many books you read, you will only benefit from them by taking ACTION and applying what you have read. Now that is the real secret to success.

So take immediate action and begin your trial today. Open yourself to a world of knowledge and a love of reading with greater speed, comprehension and recall. Make sure you benefit fully from the Information Age and you do not get left behind.

Watch out soon for the newsletter where I will discuss binaural audios: how they can improve your brain and your mood as well as help you to relax and de-stress. Plus, only subscribers to the newsletter will receive a free sample!

All the best,

Order your copy of “How To Pass Exams In 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System” from and begin your trial including the valuable bonuses today!

Timing is Everything! How to Study Exams Newsletter HTSE4

Monday, October 6th, 2008

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Welcome to another How to Study Exams Newsletter. Any questions/feedback can be posted as a comment via the blog.

I am back after a busy project and some rest. Also, happy 4th July to our US readers and anybody else who values liberty and independence.

Speaking of rest, it is important to allow yourself time to rest and relax – not only after a hectic exam season but also DURING the revision period itself. Even if you haven’t taken any exams lately, life can become hectic and easily swamp you. In fact, that’s what I’m here to talk about today!
Information overload… Don’t you just shudder at the thought? Masses of papers and emails, books to read, calls to make, things to do and the frantic thought at the end of the day, where did all the time go!?

However, having the information is often vital to your life and to your brain’s development. The brain is like a muscle in the sense that it is often said: “If you don’t use it, you lose it!
We all have the same 24 hours in a day and it is how we use it that makes the biggest difference in our lives. The division of time in accordance with your priorities and deadlines is called time management and this goes far beyond exams.

Good time management techniques are, in fact, a valuable life skill – so there’s no point in trying to avoid it by carrying on the way you are now. Once time management techniques are learnt – to suit your Unconscious Mind – your life will become so much easier for exams and beyond!

So what is crucial to good time management skills?
1. Organization
2. Planning
3. Awareness

However, these are only a mere three! While essential nonetheless, to be a true master of your own life, then you will need to consider the other components to time management success. What about timetabling? What if you don’t have the motivation to start? How do you cope with exams and stress using time management effectively? What happens when things don’t go to plan? What about your unconscious programming or self-sabotage? What if you hate a timetable or a schedule?
The answers to these questions are vital. In fact, so much so, that I have dedicated a few chapters in my book, How To Pass Exams in 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System to all these different components and other little-known techniques! Over 67% of you have replied to a previous newsletter (if you did not receive it, please email me), stating that effective time management is what you need help on the most!

So I am here to help. In addition, the ebook can be purchased for a reduced price of $47 for a limited time only and comes with valuable bonuses and audios at our website homepage: Remember excellent time management is crucial to many high achievers and successful people. Take timely action now to secure your advantage in life and exams, before we withdraw this offer.

I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite films, Independence Day:

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day.

So start your freedom and independence from any negative beliefs, unconscious programming and self-sabotage today. Defeat the greatest foe – your enemy within.

All the best,

Why is the Unconscious Mind beneficial to learning, passing exams and life success?

Monday, October 6th, 2008

** This article is continued from the How To Study Exam’s Newsletter (Issue #3). If you would like to read the beginning of this article, you will need to subscribe. You can do this by filling out the form on the left hand side and clicking, “subscribe now”.**

The automatic, negative self-talk (also known as your critical inner voice) is generated by your Unconscious Mind. Thus, a critical self-talk that automatically tells you “there is no point in learning something new because you are always bad at learning or you will fail. So there is no point in trying” etc. etc. comes from underlying negative unconscious beliefs. The consequence is that you do indeed procrastinate when studying or you never try anything new. This negative self-talk affects our moods, our perceptions and then our actions or inactions. These behaviors become our automatic habits like compulsively checking and rechecking our work because we are afraid of failure or due to our perfectionism.

Or, we have an unconscious belief that studying is boring and hard work and so we avoid it or we do it at the last minute to give us the adrenalin rush. But this procrastination habit of avoiding studying or leaving it to the last minute means that we are indeed more likely to fail or not have better grades.

Thus, it is essential to clear out our harmful, negative unconscious beliefs. Even if you have a contradictory positive conscious belief, the Unconscious Mind controls our emotional states and habits. It will generate these feelings and habits based on the unconscious beliefs and programming ahead of the conscious positive new belief.

You can also benefit from knowing how to tap into its long-term memory system as well as having instant states like relaxation and confidence, which will help you with exam nerves. Exam anxiety and nerves are factors for not succeeding in exams. You will always be at a disadvantage if you are too nervous or anxious compared to someone who is relaxed and confident in passing any exams or tests, including the General Knowledge exam.

Remember, the book “How To Pass Exams In 28 days Or Less! The Smart Learning System” teaches you how to make the most of your brain and have useful life skills and not just for exam success.

The book covers many disciplines and the latest proven technologies. A multi-disciplinary approach and the latest mind tools give you a holistic system for using both sides of your brain. These two factors are also why you will not find most of these techniques being taught in schools, colleges and universities, even if they have a life success course.

Anybody who has acquired a high competence in a skill, including speed-reading and learning skills, needs the co-operation of the Unconscious Mind to be really superior compared to someone just learning a skill consciously. With practice – and providing you do not have limiting beliefs and negative unconscious programming – then your Unconscious Mind allows you to react better and quicker than relying solely on your Conscious Mind.

The Unconscious Mind is also responsible for complex problem-solving and gives us innovative insights and creative ideas. Thus, studying and making the full use of your brain and its hidden abilities and skills, are much easier and more fun with the Unconscious Mind’s help and co-operation.

Best regards,
Nina Crawford

All Systems Go!

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that after some “quality bonding time” with and learning some php (a programming code for websites), my 14-year-old daughter has successfully integrated the HTSE Blog! You can expect the first blog post on Monday.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you what the blog will be primarily focused on: passing exams, studying, brain development and making the best use of your mind and its hidden potential. I hope to share with you the latest tools and research in learning, brain development and mind improvement so that you can have life success and not just exam success.

Please share your ideas and questions in the ‘Comments’ boxes – I would love to hear what you think. I set it up specifically to hear your thoughts and your needs. In addition, I want it to be a forum of like-minded, positive, constructive people who are interested in making the most of themselves and their brain, as well as inspiring and helping others.

Any questions, comments or ideas can be posted by clicking the title of each post (e.g if you wanted to comment on this entry, you would click the gray “All Systems Go”.)