About Binaural Natural Technology Pt. 1 HTSE6

Due to a family crisis, I apologize for the newsletter being late. So I have decided to provide you with an extract from my book, so you can see for yourself whether you are learning valuable information. Also, this series will be provided twice a week so you can have the information quicker.
However, for those of you who can’t wait and would like the full information now and to access all the bonuses including binaural audios, then you can order at www.howtostudyexams.com.
About Binaural Natural Technology Part 1 HTSE6

The following four-part series of the newsletter is extracted from “How To Pass Exams in 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System” book. It will explain about the binaural audio natural technology. The final part will have the gift sample of a binaural audio for my subscribers to try.

Without becoming too technical, a binaural CD/audio trains your brain through sound to match the sound frequencies you think you are hearing. The brain is usually in Beta wave in your waking state and sometimes goes into a slower Alpha state when you listen to certain music or you are daydreaming or doing some other such activities, like being in natural hypnotic trance states.
The brain goes into a deeper, slower Theta state usually as you are drifting off to sleep and as you are arousing from your sleep. Theta state is associated with dreaming and psychic states.
Your brain will also go into a deeper, slower Delta state when you are deeply asleep and “dead to the world” and to most, if not all, noises. An alarm or emergency may wake you up, especially if you have trained your brain through hypnosis to do so quickly and appropriately. Some people have trained their brains to wake up at a certain time even without an alarm.

Other people who have not trained their brain, still sleep through their alarm clocks, which is obviously disastrous if you have an exam that day or you need to go into work for an important meeting! So sometimes, hypnotic suggestions are used with binaural CDs, as the suggestions may work better for some people than using hypnosis alone.

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